Ethical Hacking

Simulamos ataques realistas

para identificar y aprovechar vulnerabilidades en los sistemas y redes de una organización. El objetivo del Hacking Ético es proporcionar una evaluación completa de la seguridad de un sistema o red, permitiendo que las organizaciones tomen medidas para mitigar riesgos y mejorar su protección.

We simulate a realistic attack to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks. The objective of Ethical Hacking is to provide a complete assessment of the security of a system or network, allowing organizations to take measures to mitigate risks and improve their protection.

Ethical Hacking is performed by cybersecurity professionals with technical knowledge and experience in simulating attacks. The difference between Ethical Hacking and illegal hacking is that Ethical Hacking is carried out with the knowledge and authorization of the organization, with the goal of improving its security, while illegal hacking aims to gain illegal benefits

Our services include

Social engineering tests: It is a technique used to simulate an attack by deceiving users to obtain confidential information or unauthorized access.

Phishing: It is a technique that involves sending fraudulent emails or messages to obtain confidential information or unauthorized access. It can include links to fake websites or request personal information.

Penetration testing: A realistic attack simulation is carried out to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the systems and networks of an organization.

Security assessment: The security of a system or network is evaluated by searching for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It may include vulnerability scans and intrusion testing.

Finding Report:

Consultancy: It is a process in which we provide advice and recommendations to improve the security of an organization. It may include the review of security policies and procedures, the identification of risks, and the implementation of security solutions. The consultancy can be provided both before and after Ethical Hacking tests.